Strength Training and Cardio Combination is the Key to Sustainable Results

This is Michelle’s story.

Many of you will identify with her fitness journey.

I share this to be an encouragement to you that if you stay persistent, the hard work you put into your workouts will pay off! But, make sure you’re doing everything you need to be doing. Don’t skip out on your strength work, because that may be the missing ingredient in your fitness program.

“I love to eat sweets, whether it’s candy or cookies. I began attending “aerobics” classes in the early 80’s, and also was introduced to a book called “Fit or Fat”. By cutting down drastically on fats in my diet, and the continued exercise, I was able to lose the 20lbs that had crept up on me the first years of marriage within about 6 months. All the while, I was still able to satisfy my sweet tooth. That convinced me that exercise is the key for me to be able to continue with my sweets habit. I have been an “exerciser” ever since.

A few years ago I moved to a new city and began to attend an aerobics class a few days a week, as well as doing aerobic exercise on my own (exercise bike, steep hill climb on treadmill) and daily neighborhood walks. I found the weight slowly creeping back on, as well as the muscular tone I had developed in my arms and legs withering away. I heard about Danah’s “Bootcamp” class and thought I would give it a try. WOW! I loved it from the first day. The combo cardio and strength/weight training is incredibly intense but leaves you wanting more- it was disappointing to me when I had a commitment I couldn’t break and had to miss a class. Within the first 4 months my clothing became looser. After about 6 months the scale was a bit lighter. After a year of attending class I am down a pant size and about 10 pounds lighter. And, through all of this, I am still able to eat my beloved candy and cookies.

Exercise for me works best when in a class setting or with a personal trainer- I like to be “pushed” to do “just three more”. Danah is an awesome instructor. She performs the exercises with us, she corrects us if our form is not correct (which of course, helps prevent injuries), she pushes us to do a few more. I am convinced that weight and strength training is the key to my results. A few times in my years of exercise, I have only done “aerobics”, no strength or weight training and found a few pounds coming back, as well as the tone of my body not as developed, but find when I change back to aerobics AND weight/strength training, the definition comes back.

I currently attend Danah’s  Bootcamp class three days a week, walk 6 days a week, and do some sort of aerobic exercise two of the days I do not attend Bootcamp. It’s become a “lifestyle” for me….if I do not “exercise” or take a walk daily, it feels weird. I do not eat a lot of fatty foods (no fried things, no chips, etc), but I like being able to still eat my sweets and have a toned/fit body…that’s a major motivation for me! And of course, enjoy the compliments of friends who notice the change in my body since beginning Bootcamp.”

Thank you, Danah!

Michelle, age 52

Yay, Michelle! You are an inspiration!

Have you had similar problems achieving results when, like Michelle, you only did aerobics or cardiovascular exercise?

If you aren’t currently working with weights in a strength training program, get started! And if you have questions, don’t know where to start, or don’t know the right exercises for you, get with a certified personal trainer near you. He/she can point you in the right direction while keeping you safe from injury. A personal trainer will give you the individualized attention you need to get started and tailor a program that will get you the results you desire.




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