The power of a workout partner and healthy eating

Today, I want you to be inspired by one person who has been a great inspiration to me! It’s not often you get to know someone like Cheryl. I’ve been blessed to get to have her in my bootcamp class since December of 2010. I am so encouraged by her in so many ways…her positive attitude, her energy and  full-of-life-ness, and her dedication to her health and fitness.

Cheryl has been exercising consistently now for 20 years (starting in her 40’s and wishing she had started earlier) and over the last few months, she has seen tremendous weight-loss results after making a commitment to eating healthy. After 3 months, she lost 36 pounds, and in 5 months reached her goal of losing over 50 pounds. Here’s her story:

20 years ago in April, my friend Bobbie and I started working out together at Quail Tree, and have been working out together ever since. We are active 6 times a week about an hour each day. I believe if we tell our kids they need to get up and play an hour a day, we adults need to also. I attend group exercise classes 3 days per week and walk 3 days per week.

Things that keep her motivated:

My family is not and has never been very healthy, I always wanted to be the healthy one and be able to take care of myself as long as possible. Bobbie always pushes me just a bit when we walk, says she is keeping me young and she is probably right. When my husband was sick, I would still exercise almost every day. It really helped with the stress and of course helped me be stronger when I had to start helping him more as he became weaker.

How nutrition plays a role in results:

I didn’t use to try very hard at eating right. I thought I was eating the right things and would just try to cut down on amounts but never was able to keep any weight off that I did lose. Since January, I have been learning better choices and really eating more than I was before and have lost over 50 pounds since January. I eat small amounts more often and higher protein. I really think the protein keeps you feeling fuller and lots more energy. We have to be willing to try new things. Different exercise classes, new foods and learning to prepare some of our same old stand by foods in different ways. The right types of exercise and the right foods have to go together. One really doesn’t work with out the other. We need to eat the right foods so we can see and feel the results of exercising. Our bodies will work for us if we fuel it right.

The breaking point–when she realized exercise wasn’t enough:

I was working out but it was really hard to keep up and was beginning to think I was really just getting older. Several people at work had been going to Professional Weight Loss in Branson and were having real results. I decided I was gonna try it. All my clothes were getting tighter and I was getting more tired.
I started their plan and it has really been easy to stay with. I decided I needed to cook different from the way I had always cooked. I started broiling or grilling more and frying less, trying new vegetables and buying fish instead of as much beef.
I have a lot more energy and feel great. I can keep up better in class and even do some of the moves a lot better (I think) 🙂
This is the new me, I have always loved life but love it even more now. Feel great, buying smaller clothes and getting lots of compliments on my success.
Thank you Danah for being a part of the new me. Love your classes, encouragement, and even when you push me. You are always there to help whether I need help on a move or just with new recipes.

Cheryl’s results are so great that people don’t recognize her at first anymore. She looks great, and feels great, and is keeping up with her new way of life.

Have you been exercising but not seeing results? You may need to take a look at what you are eating and seek some guidance on finding the right way to eat for your individual health and goals.

Contact me and I can help you find the guidance you need.




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