21-Day Nutrition Challenge!

Hi Everyone,
I want to invite you to join with me for a nutrition challenge beginning next week!

It’s time to get serious about improving our health. There are way too many diseases and conditions that can be avoided through lifestyle and nutrition changes. Cancer, diabetes, arthritis, thyroid conditions, heart disease, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s…and the list goes on. It’s really scary stuff! And most of it can be eliminated if we just look at what we are eating, how we are moving, our quality of sleep, and our stress. I know you might not be thinking about health from that perspective, because you may not struggle with those conditions. For you, it may be more about losing some weight, or feeling more energetic, or getting the most from your workouts.

I don’t want to host just another nutrition challenge, I want to change the way you think about food. I want you to dig in and find out for yourself what good food really is. Here’s the deal, you can eat perfectly for a few weeks, but what good will that do you in the long run? If the nutrition challenge is not something that can be a permanent change or at least a stepping stone to a healthier body and life, then it’s not worth it. Think about all the yo-yo diets you’ve been on. You restrict calories, lose weight, go back to eating normal, gain more back. Then you try it again and the cycle continues. It’s frustrating to say the least! There is a better way.

Today, I want you to have an open mind as you read about this month’s nutrition challenge. And I understand if you have mixed feelings about it at first, but really give yourself some time to give it your full consideration. Instead of throwing it all at you at once, I’m going to send you a series of emails, one every day this week. By the end of the week, you will have a better idea of what good food really is and what an optimally healthy lifestyle looks like. If you have any questions along the way, feel free to contact me! Here’s the outline:

The 21-day Primal Intro

This Primal Intro will be 21 days beginning October 8th, and running through October 28thth. Each week for 3 weeks, we will have a special challenge and prizes! Stay tuned for those! The only thing you need to do to sign up for this challenge is to “like” the InFit Personal Training by Danah Raymond facebook page to get daily inspiration and tips.

Primal Eating Plan: (The basis of this plan is to eat only nutrient dense foods that come from nature and are not processed—or very minimally processed)

Do Eat:

· Meat, fish, fowl

· Eggs

· Vegetables

· Healthy fats (olive oil, coconut products, olives, avocados,

· Nuts and seeds

Don’t eat:

· Grains (Are not nutrient dense compared to other foods, irritating to the gut and cause lots of problems, contain anti-nutrients that actually steal good vitamins and minerals from us) (includes corn and rice)

· Beans/legumes (see grains)(includes soy and peanuts)

· Added sugar (you know this is bad)

· Unhealthy fats (Vegetable oils, hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils)

In Moderation:

· Fruit

· Dairy

· Alchohol

· Dark Chocolate

Primal Fitness Plan:

· Lift heavy things: At least 2 days/week perform a body weight/ strength training workouts

· Low level aerobic activity: 3-5 hours easy moving each week

· Sprint: 1 all-out effort each week

Primal Sleep Plan: Improve sleep quality and achieve adequate duration ~8 hours each night

Sun exposure: shoot for 15 minutes of direct sun exposure each day

Play: Find time to let go, unwind, unplug, and have fun each day

Over the next week, I’ll be going into more detail about specific recommendations. And if you feel like there are a lot of things here that already do not line up with you and it seems you have a lot of work to do, you may just decide to focus on 1 or 2 things.

Stay tuned for more tomorrow!

Best of health!


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