Day 22 and beyond: What to do after the challenge

Today is the last day of our 21 Day challenge and I’d like to talk about how things went and strategies for what to do after the challenge is over beginning on day 22.

We all had quite a journey over the last 21 days and it was different for all of us, depending on our goals. I hope that you were successful and achieved everything you set out to achieve. I applaud your efforts to reach for new heights in your health and wellness.

You likely learned a few things about yourself and about your relationship with food these last few weeks. Whatever you learned, keep that in mind as you move forward from the challenge. We tend to feel different and even think more clearly when we eat a clean diet. We have more energy, sleep better, and even look better. I want you to keep these things in mind as you head into day 22.

Now that the challenge has come to an end, you may be in a panic wondering what you’re going to do now. This is normal. Hopefully you experienced such great results from the last 3 weeks that you are driven to continue with your new healthy habits! So, do it! Keep up the good work and continue to make good choices daily for your better health.

Over the next week, I would encourage you to experiment a little with your diet and pay close attention to what happens to your body when you consume a food that you’ve cut out for the last 3 weeks. Have a little treat and see how your body reacts. You may find that your body does not tolerate it well anymore, or at least you notice it now. Or, you may be just fine with it. Everyone is unique. Realize what your body needs to be healthy and make sure to avoid at all costs those things that hurt your health.

Also, as you have successfully incorporated a new healthy habit, I would encourage you to find an additional habit to pinpoint and make that your focus for the next few weeks. Continue with what you started this month, maintain your new lifestyle, and make it even better with one more healthy habit. Maybe you need to really work on reducing stress, or walking more, or cooking more and eating out less. Whatever it is, add it in and watch your body, energy, and self-confidence benefit!

The holidays are coming up soon, and I want to encourage you to think outside of your norms and come up with ways to celebrate without ruining your newfound healthy habits. I’ve been hunting some great recipes online to use in our family’s celebrations. And let me tell you, there’s lots of goodness out there to be found! I’m going to have trouble narrowing it down. I will share what I’ve found in a later post.

I’ve also thought about hosting a get-together where we could all bring a little something to share and encourage each other in our healthy habits. More on this soon!

I will also be posting about the next 21 day challenge–the sugar detox!

Leave me a note in the comments and let me know what you learned the past few weeks, or results you’ve achieved! I would love to hear from you!

Best of Health,




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