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Chicken Salad Recipes

It’s my first day on the 21-Day Sugar Detox, and I’m super excited because I just ate some wonderful homemade chicken salad for lunch. And it was awesome! I don’t always get excited about lunch, but today I was inspired to try something different. That inspiration turned into something yummy! Try chicken salad next time … Continue reading

Apple Cinnamon Granola (grain-free)

Because my kids are really into eating Cheerios right now, I thought I would come up with something healthy to replace it. If I don’t replace it with something, they will ask me for Cheerios and get mad at me that we don’t have any in the house. I like to offer other choices, but … Continue reading

Healthy Snacking

I have a great friend who has been embarking on a Paleo/Primal/healthy diet for the last year and she’s been successful! She recently had a question I thought we could all benefit from: “I am trying to incorporate healthier snacks for the kids.  Any suggestions? I would like to come up with some protein snacks…and … Continue reading