Healthy Snacking

I have a great friend who has been embarking on a Paleo/Primal/healthy diet for the last year and she’s been successful! She recently had a question I thought we could all benefit from: “I am trying to incorporate healthier snacks for the kids.  Any suggestions? I would like to come up with some protein snacks…and … Continue reading

Encouragement and a Giveaway!

Hey there 21-day challengers! Just checking in… We are getting into the challenge–are you sticking with your goals? Have you continued with what you started? Did you decide to “cheat”? Have you had a setback…or 2? Have you run into any problems or questions? We are one week into our 3 week challenge! Way to … Continue reading

21-day Nutrition Challenge…Go!

It’s Monday, and it’s the start of your 21-day challenge! Woohoo! I want to congratulate you on making a step in the right direction toward health and wellness! You’ve already succeeded because you’ve started! Don’t take that lightly. Thank you for coming along on this journey with me. I hope that you will remember today … Continue reading

21-Day Nutrition Challenge!

Hi Everyone, I want to invite you to join with me for a nutrition challenge beginning next week! It’s time to get serious about improving our health. There are way too many diseases and conditions that can be avoided through lifestyle and nutrition changes. Cancer, diabetes, arthritis, thyroid conditions, heart disease, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s…and the list … Continue reading

Fall Bootcamp Classes!

Jump back into shape: burn fat, tone muscle, feel better, be energized October will start a new round of Bootcamp Classes, so get signed up today to reserve your spot! Happy Fall Everyone! I am excited about the cooler temperatures because I feel like I have more energy to get out and move more! The … Continue reading